Sunday, March 1, 2009

First time I saw a man shiver!!

As from my father and brother I have learnt that men are more emotionally stable than women (or the former just don’t care to be sober or perturbed when required). To my surprise here is a little story.

In the office there is a guy who had taken a long vacation and when he came back I couldn’t get time to even say hi to him (or was I very scared to speak to him?) and later in the day while I was leaving for home I quite spontaneously went to him and started asking about his well being!
He got so shocked(one wouldn't have missed to see the shock in his eyes) by my spontaneity (I act quick sometimes) that he literally started to shiver in his hands while he tried scoop the cold cream from the container to apply on his face.. I got a little embarrassed by this and wanted to sit along with him, pat his back and say-Its okay guy, Don’t get so nervous!

I was initially mused slightly but later worried if I am really that scary that people shudder away when I speak to them. But in countless ways I think of this I seek only one explanation that he anticipated this moment so much that when it actually happened he found himself dumb found and shivering. I have no clue if I am really correct at this point. But just for my satisfaction and justice I rely upon this explanation.