Sunday, March 1, 2009

My experiments with Insomnia

Its strange that I've got a diesease like this coz never in my life I had problems with sleep. Insomnia is haunting me for quite a long time now say a month or so. In the quite mean time I have done elloborate experiments with myself to be able to sleep well but all in vein.

As I had taken a week off from the office for my exams, my schedule was initially off balance and thought it would be over once I start going to the office. The first week of returning to the office I still used to think its just the proper time that I am not able to give for sleep. One week passed and no improvement. My sleeping hours reduced day by day. I knew from the beginning that sleeplessness occur either if I am too excited about something or too depressed over something. I guess I am a little elated but not to the extent that I stop sleeping and day dream in the night!..

Then I thought my room mate who comes at 4 in the morning to the room is the culprit and started giving her all curses possible and started using the ear plugs so that I wont wake up when she comes. By this time I had developed noticeable amount of thick dark circles around my eyes and started to apply all the home medication possible .The first day both of this worked-But the next day I was back in the same sleeplessness.

Another week passed and this time I thought lots of physical activity could bring me sleep and started doing the strenuous physical work like walking home from almost half way, excersing etc etc. Again the very first day it worked and the next day same(Not that I stopped doing physical activity in the later days) But nothing really worked.

Another week passed and the next thing I thought was of sedatives- First that came to my mind was the citrizen. Without letting my brother know about it, I took a citrizen pill the first day and to my surprise I had a decent sleep. But in the afternoon the next day I had a terrible head ache. The same day upon my recurrent bugging my brother prescribed some anti-depressants and buying them in the shop was a great adventure without the prescription. My brother asked the pharmacist to give me only 4 tablets and not sell me the same thing in any later point of time if I come back. Finally I got them and went home happily looking forward to the good night's sleep.

The first day i took that pill, I slept even without knowing where I slept and the next day in office I was the happiest one. But the same thing didn't work any longer because the next day i woke up at 1 in the night(I had slept at 12) and wasn't able to sleep thereafter.

I just wish I get rid of this diesease as early as possible!

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