Saturday, June 20, 2009

I too had a love story- Review

This book is the inspiration for all the budding writers across the world to script down total non sense and call it a novel.
The author of the book - Ravinder Singh is a software engineer in Infosys and its his true love story (Thats what is given in the prologue). Its simply a love story. One boy and one girl going round and round the trees in the park. As the author is a SEBP(Software engineer by profession) there is some usage of technology terms like the messenger, the mail etc. Book begins with the boy searching for a girl in one of the matrimony sites where he comes across a girl who interests him. The girl first messages the boy and there starts the love story. Within six months they would be full fledged lovers. One fine day they meet in Delhi after the 6 months of wait and the girl takes the boy to her house and there are some other routine things that will happen after that.

They will convince in both the houses to get married even though they are of different caste and the engagement day will come. The day before the engagement the girl meets up with a terrible accident and dies in the hospital after 4 days.

There are many things that I learnt from this book-1. The first time the girl calls the boy, while hanging up, she asks him to tell her something good/nice.
The boy thinks and thinks and say "Lahore jaanewali train ko hum kakori me lootenge aur wahi se aayenge hamari paisa". I burst in to laugh after reading that. Now if I am having a very serious conversation on the phone with anyone, at the end i'll ask the other person to tell me something good. Heheh
2. The beauty of love need not be glorified while explaining in a book as it is taken by the readers the same way the author wishes.
3. That I can also write a book

Cheers Ravinder!

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