Friday, July 20, 2012

Love @ Facebook - Nikita Singh

On one of the jobless days at office, by courtesy of my collegues, I happened to do online shopping and clicked "Books".  I browsed many books and one book caught my eye - Love @ facebook.
Since the book title involved facebook, i ordered one and got it in the following two days.

When the book was given to me, I had the least interest in the world to read anything as raw(thats what it looked like at that time. ) as that. I made more than 4 attempts to pass through the "Acknowledgments" and "Before you begin" sections. I reminded myself a thousand times that its written by a 19 year old.

There was no story, no good dialogue, no philosophy. The book looked so bland that I wondered at times how I managed to carry it all around - showing people that I read any such stupid book.

Soon, after a few initial chapters, I started to connect with the protagonist - Vatsala Rathore, She hated girls who acted like girls. I did literally hate girls who acted like girls when I was 19. She was a foodie and was eternally starved. I too am eternally starved and ready for a meal anytime. She was born on 6th Oct. I too was born on 6th of oct. Thats a lot of similarity!

Keeping personal things aside, take it from me - The book is very boring in the initial chapters. The primary set back has been that there is no enough story line and don't expect philosophy from 19 year olds. The plot of the book is that Vatsala has a boyfriend but does not notice him and develops a crush on an upcoming vj on facebook.

The vj is indifferent to her tumultuous attempts which she used to woo him. With the help of friends and family she manages to understand what Ankit(long standing boyfriend) meant to her. The ending of the book is implausible when Vatsala being a BBA student and a music person ends up getting a lucrative tv show anchoring job.

The narration is not a thing to mention, but there is a good amount of humor. More than anything, one of the qualities of the author appealed me. Nikita is very good at describing the character of the protagonist. After every sentence by Vatsala in the book, there is an introspecting statement like "Why am I like this?" or "I am always like this.", "People do this to me always", "I hate girls who act like girls", "Why do I fall in love with Ronit after every chat or why do I fall in love with ankit the moment I meet him?  Such a crazy person that I must be".  These introspecting statements lets the reader better understand the confusions and absurdity of character.

Dont buy the book until your friend buys and reads it and scraps on to you.

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