Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ghanchakkar - Review

The movie has Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan in lead. The pair manages to amuse you with the light heart comedy. No laugh riot but the comedy sinks in you for a long and you find it hard to digest.

The plot is about Emraan being the habitual bank robber and he is contacted by Pandit and Ibris for a bank robbery contract. Sanjay(Emraan) and Neetu(Vidya) decides to take this up as the final assignment and settle for life with the bank looted money. The robbery takes place well with three men (Ibris, Pandit and Sanju) each covering faces with the masks of Amithab Bachan, Vinod Khanna and one other. They put the money in a suitcase and disperse on the agreement that they meet after 3 months to settle shares of money.
Sanju meets with an accident on the way home carrying the suitcase. He is diagnosed with partial memory loss and after 3 months when Pandit and Ibris contact him, he is in no clue of the money he carried. Neither Neetu knows where the money is kept. So Pandit and Ibris kidnap Neetu, come stay with them - do every possible thing to remind Sanju of the money but in vein. Sanju seeks 1 week time to get the money but on the 7th day, when Sanju still clueless, Pnadit and Ibris take Neetu and go to subway train. Sanju meets them there only to find that he has forgotten who Neetu is. They are met with Chota Chetan who is pressing for the money from Pandit and Ibris. When he finds they have failed to get money from Sanju, he kills both Ibris and Pandit. Chota Chetan  also shoots at Neetu and sanju and leaves the train. At that moment Sanju's mother calls him and tells about the suitcase that he left with her 3 months ago. Neetu listens to this and is happy that she's found money and Sanju is alive. She also realises that Chota Chetan is dead due to a fork and banana which Sanju carried from his home to kill the gangsters.

The movie overall fares well on the dining scenes of the Sanju's house and except that there isn't much to watch out for. 

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