Friday, October 16, 2015

Linga - A Rajanikant Movie

Its been a long time that I have not blogged. Reasons vary from busy office schedule to investing time on health and etc.

When I returned to blogging, I wanted to start with an auspicious post. So I chose the movie I watched long time, Linga - A Rajinikanth starrer with Anushka and Sonakshi Sinha.

The movie is directed by KS Ravi who is Rajinikanth's long time director. We have seen the two hit success with Muthu and Padayappa, With that in mind I started to watch this movie.

The plot of the movie is about an  engineer who builds a dam and strives to retain it that is in the verge of demolition to be used for industrial purposes by the villain(Jagapati Babu). The dam would have been constructed by the older Rajini in the times of British. He sells his property to British construct the dam on his own as British officers reject the proposal.

Somehow the British officer involved defames older Rajini and makes him leave the village. Rajini marries Sonakshi Sinha and gives birth to Linga (also Rajini). Anushka approaches Linga and seeks to help her grand father who is looking for Linga to open a closed Temple in her village

Linga opens the temple and finds a pendrive that contains the dam information. He managers to expose Jagapathi babu, now an MP, blasts a bomb mid air, saves the village and the dam.

First in Firsts - Rajini is too old for a Linga character. Though Rajini is like a demigod to me, I could not watch him in this movie.
The plot is not very catchy, there are some sequences too long that will let audience off the track
The older Rajini's train fight is worth a watch

The movie is a hit only because of Rajini, except which there is nothing to watch out here for.

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