Friday, April 1, 2016

Julius Caesar - play by William Shakespeare

Last week, I happen to watch the Julius Caesar play by Abhinaya Taranga at Ranga Shankara.

This was the first play I watched without reading the book. It was a total chaos for me as I did not understand any point in the whole play though I had read the life story of Julius Caesar many many times.

The play is about ambitious Julius Caesar who wants to come to throne and rule Rome. To his dismay, he is encountered with Marcus Brutus a respected Roman senator. Brutus is contacted by Julius's lesser known enemies in pretext that Julius is going to cause devastation of Rome to fulfill his personal ambitions. Consequently Julius is assassinated by Brutus.

Mark Anthony - Julius's friend on his death gives a funeral oration that leads to civil war and Brutus and Cassius meet their death at the end of it.

It is originally written by William Shakespeare and translated to Kannada by OL Nagabhushan. The original version of the play may be full of kick, but the play was very dull and banal. The team lacked skills to narrate the dialogues in an effective way.

Total time waste for 2 hrs. 

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