Sunday, March 11, 2018

Arjun Reddy

Its one movie I would go back to watch.. its unlikely of any contemporary movies that it drives cinema goers again and again towards it.

The movie is about Arjun who is a mbbs intern. He is the best out going student impeccable record. He is expelled from college for having tantrum with neighbouring college. At this time he falls in love with a fresher at his college. 

The love story continues and due to a small confusion the lovers get seperated. The girl gets married within her caste when Arjun is deep in his mental mayhem. Hero gets mad, depressed and alcoholic. 

He performs a surgery when he is drunk and passes out. There is legal medical enquiry on him. His family tries to help him but Arjun confesses to have been drunk when performing surgery. His license is cancelled for a year. 

He loses his mind and everything else that he possessed. He falls in to the streets when he hears the news of his granny passing away. 

He goes back to his home to support his family. They accept him and ask him to go on vacation. He gets to see his girl friend on his way who would be full term pregnant. He comes back and meets her. He wins her confidence and brings her home. She reveals that she is pregnant with the baby of Arjun. 

They all live happily ever after.

The story is very simple and common. But the way its depicted is very sweet. Arjun for sure wins the viewers hearts with his amazing acting. 

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