Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 3 Mistakes of my life-Critic


Of all the odds, I would suggest to read this book. The news is that it is a flop and Chethan Bhagat didn't live up the expectation.

I still say its a great stort story. The writer has only dragged the page numbers to make it a novel. This book describes how an Atheist becomes a spirutual and religious man. This transformation is thing to watch out for.

The three things that would happen in the same year and when somebody is having direct involvemnet in all the three, it's not surprising to expect him to lose hope and think of dying.

The book is full of events and at the end when there will be communal clash, the story gets more exceting only to find that one of the three friends being killed. The sad part is that the hero doesn't even mind the incident of his dead friend and tries to cover himself for the affair he had had with his another friend's sister. The love story part of the book looks crap and nobody would want to buy it but ironically at the end the same love story saves the hero from dying...

Chethan bhagath should stop being an utimate life saviour in his future books!

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