Sunday, February 22, 2009

Biliya Chadara-Review

I should say its a master piece. Very beautiful carving of Kannada words.
There are two lead roles in the book. One the Male and the other- his elder sister.
The Male lead role is a doctor and the Woman lead role is the engineer. The kannada words used to explain their profile of work is too hilarious.

The engineer leaves for America in search of job and the little brother joins her as an intern in a hospital for free. In the meanwhile the father of the two dies and there is a very neat description of how the children have been lost in their own worlds and never bothered about the dead father and surviving mother. There is a bit of the love story between the woman engineer and her neighbour which again shows the hardships of living in America and how engineer is lost in search of recognition for herself and her thoughts. The whole book depicts the battle of the two lives and the world full of uncertainity and criticism.

The book is quite relating to our lives- Me- an Engineer and My brother who is a doctor.

At the end there is a piece of storyline which is not at all required- The woman engineer dies in a hit and run accident.

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