Sunday, February 22, 2009

White Tiger- Review


You must read this novel only in the view that it is Aravind Adiga's first book.
Great job for a first timer. But if you are prejiduced that this book has won booker, you'll definitely feel deceited after reading the book.
The narration is sick and one would wonder why he wants to tell his wretched story to the Chinese president.
There isn't a real description of India and the story line doesn't promise any excitment. You can very well predict what would happen and keep anticipating it but it would happen much much later than the anticipated timeline which brings a boredom and eventually you'll flip pages without reading them.
There is a lot of latency from the time the hero(Balram) decides to kill Ashok and the time he actually kills him. This makes you morbid and you'll die out of exhaustion.

And at the end why does Balram wants to save Dharam as if he has all the conscience in the world?? The writer is definately confused.

The part that Balram is scared of the lizards doesn't make the story funny. It only makes us understand that reading this book is pointless.

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