Friday, December 3, 2010

Who will cry when you die - Robin Sharma

Its a collection of short inspirational stories - rather experiences of the author. The book is more like "read it when you are depressed" kind and helps one instantly cheer up and face the worldly hub bub.

The book speaks about identifying one's own instincts,being disciplined, taking breaks, stepping out of comfort zone, taking risks, talking to strangers, recreation, practicing a hobby, talking to elders, playing with children, sending thank-you notes, forgiving, forgetting, being punctual, not to lie, enjoying the beauty of nature, sleeping at the right time, having a helping hand, seeking pleasure in the happiness of others, loving a pet, crying out loud, finding a reason to smile, lending things generously etc etc...

All in all, its a good inspirational book. Read it when you are tired of the mundane fighting with the world.

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