Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lajja- Taslima Nasrin

In Ayodhya- a town in Uttar Pradesh, on 6th December 1992, Babri Masjid is demolished and the demolition has it repercussions even in Bangladesh.

The book is about the impact of this event in on an average family in Bangaladesh. The Dutta family feels and faces the heat of the communal  hatred.  Sudhamoy, the patriarch of the family, feels that Bangladesh, his motherland, shall never let him down. Kiranmayee as a faithful wife stands by her husband’s views. Suranjan, their son, believes that nationalism will be stronger than communalism, but is progressively disappointed and finds himself adopting communal reactions which contrast entirely with the ideology of patriotism he has always had faith in. Nilanjana curses her brother’s apathy and coaxes his brother to take the family to a Muslim friend’s house for safety. It is a story of metamorphosis, in which disastrous events create disillusionment, resulting in violence and resentment.

Take away points from book:
1. Don't buy a book for its public hype
2. Don't be patient to read an unimpressive book.

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