Monday, December 12, 2011

Secretes of Relationships by Sri Sri RaviShankar Guruji

The book starts with the definition of the relationship and lets us understand the types of relationships we hold with the people, society, world and the lethargic components of the surroundings.

This book did not hold my interest for long and I skipped pages reading the same gyaan. But when I was reading the book, I made a great comparison between the preaching of Ravishankar Guruji and Sri Sri Bhramha nanda Swamiji. The basis for both is same but the way in which Ravi Shankar Guruji preaches  is more famous among the  fast, modern, youth whereas Bramha Nanda Swamiji’s is more applied to the  middle aged,  family stuck and troubled people.

Secretes of Relationships is available as CD and book. The book cost is around 50INR and available in all AOL stores. 

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