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Kudteri Shantha Durga MahaMaya Temple

Kudteri Shantha Durga MahaMaya Temple

Recently I visited this place as this being our Kula Devatha place. Before visiting, I browsed to no end to know about the place and its surroundings. But there was no blog/site that would help to sojourn  in this place. Hence I decided to write about Kudteri Shantha Durga Mahamaya temple located in Ghudo, Avedem in Quepem(pronounced as Cafe as in Cafe coffee day). The devi is kuladevatha for Kamaths with Vochcha gothra. Kudteri is famous not only among Kamaths but among all konkanis with Vachcha gothra.

The temple is built recently - May be in the last decade. Inside the temple, there are two Goddesses. One Murthy is of Shantha Durga and other is of Chamundeshwari. The murthys are placed side by side in two different sancta sanctorum. The murthys are made of white marble stone and dressed with clothe and jewelry. There are different sevas available to be performed by the devotees which range from 20 INR to 2 lak INR. The temple also houses two - three storied lodges. The admission is strictly reserved for GSBs who have their family tress imprinted in the records of the Temple. So when you go there and want to reserve a suite, you tell a name of your ancestors and you get it booked. You can also update their records with your name and your children names in the family tree.

The accommodation is plush with a view of the forests in the backdrop of the balcony. I enjoyed being on the balcony where I could hear the birds chirping, croaking of frogs, clucking of chickens and whole lot of mysterious sounds which I could not identify. In the ground floor of the lodge, there is a canteen maintained by a certain Nitte uncle. He's been living in the temple surroundings for nearly 10 years doing seva to the Goddess by feeding the devotees. He is available 24/7 and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner along with coffee and tea during the evening times. All the temple goers visit him. His tariff is from 5 INR to 30 INR for two course meals of Dalitoy and variety of madgaNes. His Dalitoy is one of the authentic konkani delicacy that I have tasted ever. It was an ecstatic feeling.

It is believed that when the outsiders attacked on the temples of India to loot the treasures hidden in the temples, the Mahamaya temple associates safeguarded the shrine and transferred it to a remote village in Goa from West Bengal. There they hid the actual Mahamaya shrine and installed the Chamundeshwari shrine in the place of actual shrine. After many centuries, when India was independent of foreign rule, they resumed to offer prayers to Mahamaya shrine in the foreground along with chamundeshwari shrine.

Some of the pics taken here are as below:

Here is the address to reach the place:

Samsthan ShantaDurga Chamundeshwari
 Kudtarai mahamaya 
Ghudo, Avedem, Quepem, Goa - 403705
Ph: 0832-2662423

How to reach from Bangalore:

Train and Bus services are available to Mudgaon.
From Mudgoan, hire taxi to Ghudo, Avedem or Kudtarai(Both mean the same)
Show the above address to the taxi organizer and he gets you a prepaid taxi for 400 to 500 INR.
The ride is about 20 min(taxi) to 40(bus). The temple is a little interior to reach by bus. The bus stops at the main road and have to walk around 7 to 10 min to reach the temple.

There are no other attractions in the surrounding locations except for Mudgoan. Mudgoan is a world in its own - very beautiful with old Portuguese buildings. The beach is a nice place to visit but crowded most of the time.

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