Friday, October 19, 2012

College 2 Company - Journey of an ENGINEER - Sourabh Singh

I must say its an amazing book. Sweet is the word that I would use to describe it.

The book has a rough description of how a person gets guilty by choosing to study engineering in not-so-reputed engineering college. It is often the case with majority of the engineers in the industry today.

The boy Siddhartha grows up throwing tantrums at parents and bringing them shame. He flunks every time and somehow manage to get an electrical engineering degree from an unknown college. There is a brief description how the hostel world looks like.

After college, he gets a job in  a mechanical company and possess two girl friends. He balances work, two girl friends, fun, parents and parents in law at the same time.

Book is a little concocted in the end with a flawless international love story with Angel. They get married with no difficulty and have twins. In the beginning, it is a little boring with the immature description of Hema, Radha, Ayesha, Jyothi, hostel, college etc. But end is sweet. No major events take place in the book but the whole package lightens up an engineer's soul after reading.

A good time pass for 3 hrs.

Cheers to the Engineer's life


  1. Hi Kavya, I am Saurabh .. the Author of "College 2 Company". I am really thankful to you for writing such an honest review. I am glad that you liked it and found it worth enough to invest your time in penning down on your blog. Thanks!!take care!! Please do share with ur friends too !!

  2. Thanks a lot Sourabh, never expected your response. Looking forward to more books authored by you!