Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Were My Crush! ...Till You Said You Love Me! - Durjoy Dutta

The book is written by Durjoy Dutta. His earlier hits are like "Of course I love you till I find some one Else" and "She broke up, I didn't".

I had read one previous book of this author and i had liked his writing style and thats why I chose to read another one named "You were my Crush". This book is about a boy named Benoy who studies in Delhi university. He has a super rich, all powerful dad, a big car, hell lot of freedom and No mother.

One day he bumps in to a geen queen called Diya at college. Though initially he finds her lizard-like, he befriends her and they become very good friends. The boy Benoy falls in love with Shaina, who is Diya's sister through facebook. Diya's family is a very conservative family and Benoy is in no mood to lose Shaina for reasons whatsoever. The twist comes when Shaina brings her two year long boyfriend in to the picture. Shaina's parents want her to marry her boyfriend but Diya and Benoy want Shaina to marry Benoy. In the meantime Diya meets up with an accident and is hospitalized. Benoy and his father help Diya's family come over this and they bribe Shaina's boyfriend in to not marrying her. Benoy - on more than one occasions introspect if he is doing it right by falling in love with Shiana when he is only 20. There is a lot of father-son drama. Benoy thinks that his father is responsible for his troubled upbringing and also for his mother's death.
So Benoy's father want to win him over and tell him the truth.

The book is a sweet narration of a sweet love story. The character Benoy is depicted with all the necessary confusions of a 20 year old. His loneliness shows his dislike towards his father and  towards the world. The characters of Diya and Shaina are also awesomely made to be the world's cutest and sweetest sisters. There is a lot of sense of humor and one can enjoy being glued to the book for hours. When the book reaches the end, there is a good-will experienced by the reader. Rating it 4.5 out of 5. Reserve this book for a boring sunday afternoon. 

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  1. Good one. I had attempted to read his first book. couldn't complete.
    Good that you have so much time patience to read and write a review as well...!
    can we expect a comment from the author this time too??