Friday, July 19, 2013

Bhag Milka Bhag - Review

This movie was watched last Saturday. Didn't get time to critic it.

Movie stars Farhan Aktar as Milka Singh. Before I write about the movie, here is the brief on Milka Singh.

Milka Singh was born in Pakistan and migrated to India during the India - Pakistan partition. His family including his father, mother, brothers and sisters were killed on this trip to India. When he came to India, he settled in Delhi and went on to become a soldier in Indian Army. He underwent training and participated in 1956 Olympics. He represented India in Asian games and won medals and broke records in common wealth games. He again took part 1960 Olympics and came 4th. He was then summoned to Pakistan to play against Pakistani counter part Abdul Khaliq. He was given the honor as "Flying Sikh" by Pakistanis. He won and brought India pride. He donated all his medals to national museums.

The movie almost portrays the above story but with a lot of unwanted love affairs of the protagonist. I was expecting to see a movie like Chak de India with the preoccupations of trailers which were shown in cinema halls. But the movie turned out to be neither a love story nor a story of an athlete.

The part that captures you are the scenes of Milka's life in Pakistan. He is asked by his father to run for his life - Bhag Milka Bhag. Milka runs and saves himself but he returns. He finds a pool of blood and a pile of dead bodies - which belonged to his father, mother and other family members. He then run back and catches a train to India. He rebels in the refugee camps and involves in stealing, cheating and becomes a thug. He falls in love - twice. Trains himself in the army camps. He goes to Australia, Rome etc to take part in world class athletics. This is all the movie about. A good watch I must say if you are not prejudiced. Dont have any expectation and you'll enjoy every bit of the movie. Farhan Akthar has done a very good job and Om Prakash Mehra has created yet another magic like that of Rang De Basanti. 

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