Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Singam -2 Review

I happened to watch this movie last weekend and it turned out to be the best mass movie I have watched ever. Surya is the MAN. He is the hero and he is all you get to see in the movie.

The plot is continuation of Singham -1 where a petty police inspector from a village make it big in the city sacking a state minister. In this movie, he is directly and secretly appointed as the SI of Tuticorn, a city of Tamil Nadu. He is to deal with arms mafia and drug mafia cultured by local goons. He gets hold of the goons and also a international wanted drug dealer danny.

The movie never makes you think of the money or the time you have spent on. It is a joy to see Surya's charm. One of the interesting things is that Surya never even touches the heroin. Anushka Shetty manages to do her job ok ok style. Hansika Motwani looks too old for a school uniform. Great watch for a weekned

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