Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sphinx - TS Learner

Here is a book on olden day Egyptology that revolves around Nectanebo || and other renowned Pharaohs whose fate has been decided by mysterious electromagnetic device astrarium.

An archaeologist Isabella comes in contact with an artifact that she believes decided her date of death and many others of her predecessors from an astrologist in Goa, India. She goes on to believe that the artifact has a power of its own and guides the possessor of it towards the good will of the world.

She dies discovering this artifact in an ocean expedition that meets an unfortunate land slide inside the ocean. Her husband Oliver comes in possession of the artifact and do not know what to do with it. He meets numerous people both trying to safeguard it and destroy it. He puts his life on risk on a trail of incidents wanting to rest the device in the place where it belonged.

He learns that the device has a mind of its own and influences incidents around him. He tries to overcome those influences surrendering to more danger. He finds out about the secrete practices that Isabella's family were following in connection with the mysterious incidents that took place in Nectanebo, Cleopatra and other kings lives. He ventures in to the pyramids and finds out about the soul leaving the human body when death occurs. He is taken by shock at these moments but wants to explore more to understand the truth about the astrarium's real abode.

Oliver comes across a wealthy business man who is ready to buy the oil field just discovered by his team. Oliver later realizes that he is the man identified long ago as Nectanebo and rests the astrarium in his grave.

Though the book is a little draggy in the beginning, the plot picks up pace later on to an ever enthralling experience. TS Learner makes an outstanding writer to keep his readers jelled to the book. Many a times, I googled to figure out what each of his concepts mean by which I was able to contemplate the fine line explanations.

Great read if you are able to be patient with the initial 100 pages. 

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