Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bharath Stores - Kannada Movie

This is also one of the great movies I happened to watch on the Chandana series at home. It was in my wishlist for a long time.

Its a movie about how India is taking the heat of foreign direct investment against traditional retailers. It has Dattatreya donning the role of Govind shetty, owner of one of the famous retail shops in south Bangalore. One of the bus stops in the route would be named after this and such is the popularity of it.

Govinda Shetty is a typical business man of nineties who by nature is a gentleman, taking interest in the good being of the society and people. He looks after his staff well and respects them. He makes good money also which he returns to the society in various forms.

He is faced with first hand disapproval from his son who is keen on taking up employment at a mall than managing the father's Bharath Stores. Govind Shetty loses all his customers day by day to the goods sold at the near by mall. He would be left with nothing at his old age and is admitted at a old age home.

India is witnessing a big number of stories where many Govind Shettys are quitting their shops due to the mall culture. Govind Shetty at the same time is reluctant to change his ways of doing business. He likes to send home the grocery where the actual customers like to go to mall, shop, eat and have fun time. He is reluctant to provide discounts like the way malls do(or advertise). He is also reluctant to provide credit(in the form of credit card). His shop does not have many options or brands for the grocery item. All these reasons make the consumer to look for a place which provides all of these or some of these. I being an engineer, always mentored upon to learn the technologies of tomorrow, find it bleak too see the future of small retailers like Govind Shetty.

The movie is a good depiction of paradigm of shutting small scale retailers and growth of malls. It also has Sudharani who is the narrator of the story. A good watch if you are looking for documentary kind of material. 

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