Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lucia - movie

It starts with a man lying in coma. He has been under the influence of lucia - a sedative drug which makes people live their dreams for real. The only condition to live the dream is not stop being under its influence. 

Nikhil is a famous film star who finds a girl friend in his industry. He advises her to stay away from film industry as it's a dirty one. He dreams of becoming a simple man like the one who ushers people to their seats in cinema theaters. 

Nikki is a straight forward village boy who dreams to become a famous film actor. He works in a cinema theater ushering people to their seats using the torch light. He gets a girl friend who works at a pizza center. 

Nikki works in a theater owned by his God father Shankaranna. Shankaranna owes few goons a big amount of money. Goons demand that theater be given to them for free. Shankaranna and Nikki both resist this. 

Shankaranna dies in the hands of goons. Nikki continues to work in the theater and releases shankaranna's movie. Nikki a girl friend agrees to marry him.

Nikhil on the other hand is confused. He sends off all his staff and his girlfriend away. He is dreaming and hallucinating. He jumps off from the building in an attempt to kill himself. But he is saved and kept in coma. 

With the help of a detective from Mumbai crime branch, we get to know that it was the story of Nikhil dreaming to be a common man and becoming Nikki and not the other way round.

This movie is directed by Pawan Kumar, one of the best directors in kannada industry. The plot is not linear and one needs to watch it more than once to understand and appreciate the plot. The acting of Ninasam Satish is commendable and Achyuth Kumar in the role of Shankaranna is too hard to miss. 

This movie proves to be the best of the best movies Kannada industry has seen. Lets even call It the Kannada version of inception. 

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