Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Godi Banna Saadarana Mykattu

This movie hosts Anant Nag as protagonist and Rakshit Shetty. Its about the father and son relationship and how busy lives of youngsters impact the elderly in the metropolitan cities like Bangalore.

Anant Nag loses his wife and looks after his son all by himself. Son played by Rakshit Shetty grows up to be a successful engineer and moves away to a foreign land putting his father in a old age home. There is a doctor in the old age home who the father is deeply attached who also begins to fall in love with Rakshith Shetty.

On a eventful day, Anant Nag is lost due to his dementia. Rakshith Shetty and the doctor set out the mission to search him. The movie goes on with various search hunts by different people in different places.

There is a huge role played by Achuhut Kumar. He offers shelter to Anant Nag and treats him as his own father. Achuth Kumar's house is occupied by a goon finding a hide out.

The goon puts all including Anant Nag in cuffs. The house becomes a jail. After much of negotiations with his bosses, goon decides to end his life freeing the house occupants. Anant Nag is finally found by Rakshith Shetty and the son realizes how much he loves his father.

There are many good thoughts communicated by the movie to the audience like its essential to love our parents, One who sins will always be punished etc. The acting of Anant Nag is commendable. Rakshith Shetty plays good in the serious role as well.

The movie does not seem to have the grip as expected. It loses the audience in the middle with people wondering whats going on. A good climax is what makes it a good movie.

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