Monday, December 12, 2011

Mind Matters by Sri Sri RaviShankar Guruji

Of late I have been reading a lot of books by Ravishankar Guruji because I get them all free of cost.  This one is the best of the whole lot. It talks about the importance of mind control and the ways to achieve mind control. The book is quite small but speaks in volumes.

The author tells about the difficulties of not having the mind control and then about the benefits of mind control and many challenging ways to achieve it.

Mind control is a technique through which one can achieve immense elation of the spirit. It basically means controlling the turbulence of the mind and keeping a steady state of mind in the moments of glad and sad. It prepares one accept the surprise of the birth and grief of the death alike. Though a man having worldly regulations and disciplines may not achieve such a state of calmness, he would get a blissful mind which enables him to see good and bad as one.

The book is a great eye opener and lets us understand the barriers that lay deep inside us for pursuit of truth.

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