Monday, January 27, 2014

"1" Nenokkadine

This is one movie that gives the "sitting on the edge of the seat and nail biting" experience. Directed by Sukumar, movie stars Mahesh Babu as Gautham - a pop singer in the same image as Ashique2 hero. He is suffering from a psychological disorder that fails him on his memory of his parents.

The plot begins with a boy(young Mahesh Babu) running for help after witnessing his parents murders. That boy is brought up in orphanage. Through his childhood, he visualizes three men killing his parents and also looking out for him to be killed. He wants to avenge them at any cost.

The movie is full of twists and twirls and makes you think every moment. There are no clues dropped in the story line. The team has made the best use of technology and editing is the next best thing.

I fans for Sukumar from the times of Arya2 and Arya and he's lived up the expectation. Mahesh Babu as always suits best for extra human roles and this one is a delight to a viewer. Débutante Sanoon has done a pretty role.

One thing in the movie is - there is no comedy and there are no comedians(Bramhanandam). That mostly is the reason why it is received with apprehensions. But for those fans of Mahesh Babu, this is a great watch.

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